About the network

About us

The National Autopsy Network NATON is a German association of university hospitals and autopsy centers, which serves to gain systematic and standardized knowledge about pathogens from autopsies, especially in the event of a pandemic. The data generated is recorded and compiled in a complete, comprehensive and timely manner.


NATON networks pathological, neuropathological and forensic medical institutes of German university hospitals as well as non-university partners. Such an autopsy network is unique worldwide and thus makes a decisive contribution to improved COVID-19 research and patient care.


The central data platform for the network is the National Autopsy Registry (NAREG), which is an extension of the nationwide registry of COVID-19 autopsies (DeRegCOVID)


NATON is a collaborative project of the University Medicine Network University Medicine Network (NUM) and supports its motivation and goals.

Our Partners


Prof. Dr. Peter
Boor, Ph. D.

Coordinator University clinic RWTH Aachen


Prof. Dr. Benjamin Ondruschka

Coordinator University clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf


Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. Peter Boor – Pathology – University clinic RWTH Aachen

Prof. Dr. Danny Jonigk – Pathology – University clinic RWTH Aachen

Prof. Dr. Rainer Röhrig – Medical informatics – University clinic RWTH Aachen

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Ondruschka – Forensic Medicine – University clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf

Prof. Dr. Nicole Fischer – Virology – University clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf

Prof. Dr. Bruno Märkl – Pathology – University clinic Augsburg

Dr. Helena Radbruch – Neuropathology – Charité Berlin

Ralf Heyder – NUM Coordination Office – Charité Berlin