German Registry for COVID-19 Autopsies (DeRegCOVID)

Germany-wide implementation of autopsies and biobanking.

Given the need for centralized and coordinated support, reporting, systematic biobanking, and structured data collection, the first version of a Germany-wide registry of COVID-19 autopsies (DeRegCOVID) was launched on April 15, 2020. The main goal of this registry is to collect harmonized and factually anonymized data on all autopsies and related biomaterials from COVID-19 patients in Germany in a decentralized manner and to categorize and analyze them centrally.

The DeRegCOVID is lead-managed by the University Clinic of RWTH Aachen and was established with the support of the Bundesverband Deutscher Pathologen e.V. (BDP) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pathologie (DGP). It is the world’s first centralized national registry for COVID-19 autopsies. Data collection is based on the WHO recommendations and the German S1 guideline for performing autopsies.